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A call from an Emotional MSV fan!

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Joined: 23 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:27 am    Post subject: A call from an Emotional MSV fan! Reply with quote

Dear All,

I got a call today evening from an ardent & emotional MSV fan from New England, US. He was basically from Sri Lanka & his name is Mr.Karan; He called me after he happenned to visit our site.

He was extremely happy & appreciated our efforts to have a website dedicated to MSV. Here are the specifics he told about MSV's music:

1) He said that any Music would live long only if it is situation based, as demanded by the story. 90% of MSV's songs are only like this & that is the reason his Music is living even after decades.

2) He said even in sober numbers, the pace in MSV's songs will be on and will never be dragging the listeners.

3) He was aghast at MSV's capability of "Instant Composing"

This is the second Sri Lankan that is calling me personally about MSV. As we have already seen in some other threads, Sri Lankan Tamils have a unique penchant & passion towards (g)olden songs, which no one can deny.

He also felt that a composer of this stature, should be honored to much greater extent, as he deserved much more than some "lesser mortals". For which I could'nt respond anything, except for "praising" within myself, the "wonderful" governments (State & Central) we have had - who terribly failed to honor this fore-runner in Tamil Film Music!!!

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VaidyMSV & Sriram Lax

Joined: 15 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

dear ram

thanks fr posting . mr karan's observations on Master's music .and thus establishing our MSV Times's wings are extending , with no boundaries .

srilankan tamils are the flag bearers ofour language , and good music, so obviously old , and Master's music .

hope he would join our forum soon , so we get his views on many of the topics , on mellisai maamanars songs .

i think , we would make MM , much happier , by binding all msvians in the forum , than worrying about govt s inability to recognise trueness , as always.

i sincerely pray they donot belittle him , by giving any award less than
bharatratna- if at all they wake up one day .
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Joined: 15 Jan 2007
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Location: Chennai

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear friends,
Awards/Rewards for music are generally given for the current performance, not for the past performance. Hence MSV is not likely to receive any recognition from the central or state governments. I don't understand how both MK and MGR had could have ignored MSV. While MK should have considered MSV, at least for composing music for Tamil Thaai Vazhththu, MGR should had even better reasons to recognize MSV, considering the immense contribution of MSV to MGR's films. Songs have played a great role in creating myths about MGR and building up his popularity. Perhaps each one thought that MSV was close to the other! I will never forgive this duo for denying this great man his due. MK used his influence with the UF Govt. to confer Padma Bhushan on Rajnikanth (in 1996-97), something even Sivaji Ganesan was not considerted worthy of. Jayalalithaa came much late into the scene, but even she could have done something. (She once told Kumudham that she had great passion for songs of V-R and A.M. Raja)

I am not bringing in politics here. My bringing in the names of these three leaders is only to point out how they have all been ungraceful (if not ungrateful) I am not saying anything about them, otherwise

The only award that is still possible for MSV is the life time achievement award, which I think is given by Film Fare (I am not sure). But someone should bring in MSV's name. People like AVM Saravanan, wax eloquence in public functions about MSV having not got his due but do nothing to bring in his name.

I have one suggestion.T his may sound far-fetched and impractical but I think it will be possible. Perhaps one good way of perpetuating MSV's glory is to launch a TV channel for MSV. This channel would exclusively telecast songs of Viswanatha-Ramamurthy and MSV along with discussions, analyses, background music of specific scenes, title music, MSV's interviews and anything and everything only about MSV. I have neither the financial nor the marketing competence to launch or even participate in this effort. But I believe that if this idea is mooted among the Tamils in the world, some people may come forward to do this. But we should be discrete in the campaign to ensure that the project idea is not caught hold of by some non-serious people with no commitment. People like Ram having international contacts may think about this.

There are a number of Tamil TV channels, several with practically no viewers. I don't know how they survive. But I also understand that a TV channel can be made viable even with a small percentage of viewership. So, this can also be a business proposition though someone should be willing to risk the investment.

There are instances in history, where a stray thought from an inconsequencial and inconspicuous quarter had been transformed into a great project. I do hope that this idea will also be one such.
P Rengaswami (9381409380)
MSV, Un isai kettaal puvi asainthaadum, idhu iraivan arul aagum.
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