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The Fervent

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:26 pm    Post subject: PEERLESS SUSHEELA ....Part 3 Reply with quote

Many have observed that the epitome of precision in pronunciation is Susheela indeed !!!! To us listeners, correctness in pronunciation is one aspect that can be labored upon and mastered , but its abstract equivalent, the style and the aesthetic component require Blessings from beyond the skies. Susheela had this in plenty, words were ornamented and put through with clarity and deliciousness that augmented the sense of appreciation of beautified singing amongst listeners. On the other hand, as mentioned above, her ability to adapt to rusticity in delivery of words extended to other languages too, apart from Tamil and Telugu. For instance, some of Kannada numbers sung in the North Karnataka folk slang forced Kannada listeners to believe that P. Susheela was at the very least a naturalized Kannadiga if not a Kannadiga by birth !!!
P. Susheela’s influence extended beyond the South as well, well, quite naturally. C Ramachandra went to extreme lengths to get to her to sing in Marathi, which didn’t fructify but did cherish all his collaborations with the Songstress in the South. Naushad Ali first recorded “Atrangarai thanilE” the Tamil version of “mohe panghat pe nandalal” in Mughal-E-Azam with the songstress and immediately decided to offer all other songs in the movie to her but not before coercing her for a dinner at his residence in Bandra, Mumbai. When “Dhwani” the Malayalam movie was offered to him in Malayalam, Naushad put down the condition that P Susheela had to be awarded the contract before he himself signed on the dotted line. Greats like Jaidev and Khayyam had surreptitiously invited P Susheela to sing for them for their Hindi projects, but alas to no avail, the songstress did not accede to their wishes !!! Salil Choudhry the maverick genius did 25 films down South and had 25 songs sung by the peerless performer across all the four South Indian Languages and how all encompassing were those ditties, starting from day to day cinema music to folk and classical as well. Yet again, his requests for her to sing for him in Hindi was not met with an acquiescence , the partnership thus stayed within familiar bounds, South India.

One wonders how she negotiated challenges thrown by Master composers such as Rajeswara Rao, Pendyala Nageswara Rao, Adi Narayana Rao, MS Viswanathan-VR, KV Mahadevan, G Ramanathan, SV Venkataraman, G Devarajan, Raghavan Master, MK Arjun and numerous more to become the most recorded voice and may we add, with least assistance from technology !!! Raise the number of songs she has sung exponentially by crores and that would be the number of Hearts she has touched and found a primary spot in. Covering P. Susheela’s career with its multi-dimensional resplendence through an article is akin to standing atop an insignificant hillock , hoping to scrape the Pole Star. Please treat this piece of writing ,therefore as a uni-dimensional snapshot of the career of this childlike great who lives in peace, who blissfully allows encomiums from great composers roll down her back, chuckles her way through in the presence of adoring fans and indulges in quick wittedness and subtle humour !!! Her interviews do not involve vainglorious pompousness and references to laudatory statements directed towards her, she infact hides them all, never reveals even factual moments of personal glory !!! So there, that’s her, she would rather root herself in the present, in the midst of explosive laughter and light hearted fun than perch herself on a “holier than thou” pedestal . She prefers traveling light, keeps her mind light, never allowing it to get puffed up with her achievements, though incomparable they are !!!
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 6:03 pm    Post subject: THE LILTING PS... Reply with quote

Dear Vatsan,

To enjoy nature is a virtue handed out by the Divine to all of us. But when that avalanches towards us in the form of a voice of that of PS, I am sure all of us never mind to immerse in it heads down under! We keep meeting frequently and not even a day passed by without murmuring any of her songs. On many occasions we have all remained completely awe struck at her beyond perfect diction / pronunciation in spite of being a Telugu! How she cleverly masquerades her AP identity is yet another subject for deep research!!

Shri. Shri. MSV adored her so much that he never missed out a single second to shower her with accolades of highest sort! She deserved it in every way.

I am little saddened that your Part 3 shrunk in size hence my response too!!!

Great stuff this Vatsa...



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