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KD -MSV Marvels in Chorus items

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:21 pm    Post subject: KD -MSV Marvels in Chorus items Reply with quote

Dear Friends,
Chorus songs in TFM were somewhat rampant in the early phase of TF history; but, in my humble opinion it was MSV who conceived a totally different strategy to employ chorus to songs -not as a ritual but as a process of infusing 'life' to situations. But then, why Kavignar here could be a murmur around. If we patiently look for the spots where MSV has inserted chorus voices, we can find a justification for it even in songs where 'on-screen' portrayal is just one or two artistes. Some of KD's phraseology invite MSV to embellish those spots So, there occurs an artistic impulse to MSV which fits the occasion, while elevating the song to a state of bliss. It is here that MSV stands gigantic where as several MDs do not achieve the same measure of credible supremacy with their chorus attempts. In plain terms, MSV is an embodiment of musical thought any further attempt to explain his prowess is bound to look inferior as he is far beyond any of our conceptual reckoning of this wizard.
Please consider these cases, some of which are from his very early stages.

' chinna chinna izhai pinni pinni varum chiththirai kaiththari sElaiyadi'
''Pudhaiyal'' PS and co

I trust it was KD WHO PENNED THE SONG OR IT COULD BE PATTUKKOTTAI. Someone may please clarify. This song was a run away hit from day one by its sheer oscillating swings much like how the handloom swings when weaving is by an expert weaver. What adds to the element of beauty is the utterance 'thaiyAra eththanna thAnA, thaiyara eththanna thA nA'. A fantastic pep that catapulted the song to its status as the lone song that the weaving industry nurtures even to-day as its spokesman.

'otrumaiyAi vazhvadhAlE undu nanmaiyE' '' bAgappirivinai'' SG and co

The narrative recalls the lift off of the net-trapped birds that carry themselves off with the net by a collective effort. A brilliaantly tuned number revealing MSV every inch though at that point of time I was not aware of his name. The song gives the feel of a pleasant advice as early as 1959-60 or so.

'kunguma pottu kulungudhadi' '' Idhu sathyam'' PS and co

What a song it was portraying the status of the expectant mother, where the chorus assumed new dimensions in singing laps and elderly voice interjects of KannAmba the elder artiste. The song gives the feel of a celebration back home. These interjects do add a dimension otherwise unmanageable.

'vArAi en thOzhi vArAyO' ''pAsa malar" LRE and co.

Easily the best 'wedding eve number that carries a variety of nuances, including the apt expression of mood, chanting of mantrAs, sudden bursts of laughter, hearty claps of hands in perfect rhythm to catapult the participative mood and above all a complex orchestration -ALL IN AN ERA DEVOID OF SOPHISTICATED RECORDING DEVICES OR ELECTRONIC FACILITIES TO CUT AND PASTE. tHE SONG WENT FOR OVER 42 TAKES OR SO JUST BECAUSE EVERY CONTRIBUTOR HAD TO BE IN PLACE AND TIME FOR HIS /HER BIT SO AS TO HELP LIVE RECORDING OF A VERY RICH COMPOSITION BY ANY STANDARDS.

'ennuyir thOzhi' ''karNan'' PS and co

Certainly chorus singing touched a new dimension in this movie and look at the beauty. The lyric addresses one 'uyir thOzhi' , but concurring voices in chorus draw the best out of the situation leaving as awe for ever.

'pAttondru tharuvAr ' ''server sundaram'' PS, LRE and co
A very nice assemblage where joyous mood comes to the fore from authentic pumping by chorus and wonderful rhythm pattern even as the lyric phrases vary in pace of singing.

'kanavi nadandhadho kalyANa oorvalam' ''anubhavam pudhumai'' PBS PS

Though a dream scene song, suddenly MSV lets in mesmeric chorus voice
ahhah huh huh ohohhO that carry listeners to a floating plane and brilliantly picturised by PN Sundaram in apt scales for this song. How the man plans to launch a chorus in a duet type song needs elaborate research.

'nAn thannanthanikkattu rAjA' '' enga mAmA'' TMS and co

A chorus is very much on the cards for so many kids around but how MSV has infused life holds our interest, ;he uses scaling up with ever raising OH to imply the hearty partaking and the use of car horn did its trick as well

'bhoomiyil iruppadhum' ''sAnthi nilayam' TMS and co

The baloon literally floats high in sky with all the stretches of chorus and percussion with well set tabla rhythm and competing hand claps. Also MSV manages to give the fel of height through chorus pieces, listen to them.

'inimai niraindha ulagam irukku' '' ninaiththAlE inikkum'' SPB LRE co

What a majestic song that literally proclaimed a well meant challenge which was never answered to by any of the then claimants of supremacy. In this one song itself MSV has shown multi-dimensions pertaining to tune, orchestration and sophisticated chorus embellishments in a never before and never -again disposal.
Obviously MSV is conscious driven in a world of time-serving gimmicks.
Please add your pieces.

Warm regards K.Raman Camp: Navi Mumbai
Prof. K. Raman
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VaidyMSV & Sriram Lax

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 11:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

dear prof

yes its MSV , who has used the Chorus and humming , whistling as prime feature in songs
its a vast list -probably you have left them for others to write

starting from pathi bakthi - veedu nouki oodi vantha
then you have panam padaithavan - kann pona
vaarayan thozhi
paatondru katepam
manjal poosi malargal pposi - from karnan
paruvam enathu paadal
azhagya thamizh magal

he has used chorus to give value addition to his lyrics
by the by

chinna china izhai - is by pattukottai - and its the only song , he wrote to the tune . MSV composed the tune , to get the thari saptham as the rythem
Pattukottai initially refused , but finally conceded to give a memorable no in pathi bakthi.
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