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KD- MSV in 'Not-so- common' outputs

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:37 am    Post subject: KD- MSV in 'Not-so- common' outputs Reply with quote

Dear Friends,
In my earlier posting I had threatened our friends of the prospect their having to endure my writing for longer. The fear stays true as I have spotted there are innumerable ways that the two legends can keep our lives pleasant and comfortable by their matchless innovative contributions to TFM years ago when Technology was far from the corner. This implies that they had to work overtime. They seem to have done it gleefully as we are able to read so much from their works more as we get older. Mind you, these were done in their early career, -meaning they experimented items with which 'experience' mastery at its best. In view of these pieces staying distinct with not many to compare with even from their own [KD-MSV's] works, I name them 'Not-so-Common'. My feeling is these songs stand to merit exceptional value as the situations to which they catered are not 'run -off the mill' version even in TF that by and large have formula.

A very unusual double duet that which stood by lyric value which was rated high for its novel pun that rolled out in a torrent and all key words stood comfortable with different connotations. MSV showcased it with a decorative orchestration that gave right push to singers alike making the movie Director sail through comfortably.

'viswanAthan vElai vENum' ''K nEramillai" PBS company

Hailed as the best among such swingy numbers, the song sequence is
unique by concept. If KD chose to decorate the lyric with terms 'rakshasan pOl varuvEn' MSV decoration was musical inviting spontaneous dance movements. It was an orchestral delight executed to perfection.

'aayiram karangaL neetti' "karNan" TMS, PBS, SG TL et al.

What a glorious tribute to Sun god and a musical interpretation there of
Spot; 'dhooraththE neruppai vaiththu sAraththai tharuvoi pOtri' ..........
....................nAnilam uLanAL mattum pOtruvOm pOtri pOtri'

'nAn endrAl adhu avaLum nAnum' 'soorya kanthi' SPB Jayalalithaa

A funny situation of acting to be congenial in public harbouring misgivings in mind. Carefully crafted to English words as if in concurrence unstinted!!
True to his calibre MSV has inducted Shehnoy notes in underscoring the 'not-so-pleasant' disposition at home.

'kEttukkOdi urumi mELam' 'pattikkAdA pattaNamA" TMS LRE

A beautiful approach of blending beats of native and western styles though interchanging the two for effect with native terms backed up in drums/bongo and for western thought 'urumi offering the percussion'. KD had used some Madurai slangs like 'ammooru meenatchi' 'kandAngi' etc to convey the object nativity of the male character.

'One day one way' "nee' TMS PBS LRE and co
A very novel presentation of celebration post wedding and liberal but simple words in English sounding more natural and blessing thusl;
'nEtru vazhkkaiyilE one, one
'indru ,,, ,,, ,,,, two two
'nAlai vazhkkaiyilE three three and so on.

'vara vEndum oru pozhudhu' "Kalaikoil"
'ammamma kELadi thOzhi" ''karuppu paNam" both bY LRE
Stand testimony to the prowess of the singer in expressing longing, seductive appeal and crooning in totally different styles. KD's phrases and MSV's skills are ample and rampant through these songs that stay unmatched.

'oruvar vAzhum aalayam' '' nenjil Ore aalayam'' TMS LRE and co

The only song of its kind as far as my memory goes and deserves being considered A EULOGY IN ELEGY that speaks volumes of the story character and the MD using KD's lines ondraiyE ninaiththirundhu oorukkE vazhndhirundhu uyir koduththu uyir kAkkum uththamarkkOr aalayam' as the 'thogayara' from when MSV's baton swings to set pathos driven play of emotive singing and orchestrations -a feat that none else could hope for.

There are possibly many such uniques awaiting our friends' perusal. Please add .
Warm regards K.Raman Camp; Navi Mumbai.
Prof. K. Raman
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