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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:23 am    Post subject: MEMORY - A VITAL DOMAIN Reply with quote

There cannot be a human who doesnot require the natural endowment called 'Memory'. Even the tiniest of brains like those of ants do have the ability to retain some information. It is essentially a survival strategy using which all living systems address their ambience in a suitable way. In the human context, memory occurs as a ready-reckoner that instantly serves every major occasion without having to scratch the head.

Associational memory:
By far the most common tool is associational memory. For instance if you see your milkman in some other attire not common of him, you are baffled with the apparent familiarity without being able to fix who he is. Same is the case with several items of daily life. Even at a distance you are able to identify 'your bus' despite the apparently common looks. In this case you go by more reliable identities like a slight shade variation, or some frontal grill pattern or some peeled off paint etc without your being sure of what exactly it is. Therefore, it stands to reason to believe that , to retain something donot memorize it. But try to associate it with something very close to it so that as a routine interrelated things comeout of the store even if we try to recall one thing.
For Students:
I deem memorizing a culpable offence. This is based on my long observation that, memorizing damages self confidence sooner than later. This explains why candidates with very tall scores donot stand scrutiny at higher levels or truly competitive evaluations. Unfortunately, it is becoming a national trait, relegating the earlier habit of associational learning. Serious memorizing may succeed at lower levels where interpretative/ analytical skills are not put to test. But, real life situations are quite demanding as one has to evolve solutions instead of relying on memorized statements /data. Therefore, except for definitions please avoid memorizing any item. Instead, please comprehend as to what a statement refers to.

Comprehension - a tool to success.
Comprehension arises from clear understanding. For this, every component of a statement requires being understood. Never please proceed on assumptions. For instance 'simpleton' is not a reference to a simple person. [It is a negative expression indirectly suggesting that the person is a near fool]. Also affection and affectation are extremely different as much as adopt and adapt differ in the suggestion.
How to go about:
Right from young stages insist the child on 'explaining' every term that
[s]he learns /uses in lessons. Parents must spend 20 -30 mts a day with the child for this purpose. Do not frighten the child. But, encourage his /her learning each word by spelling and meaning. Cultivate the use of Dictionary and Atlas at home. Certainly children pick up the nuances of learning. When they are not equipped of this technique they resort to rote learning [memorizing] to satisfy examination requisites. Over a period of time , their mind is saturated and less receptive to details. This is because they are put under 'obligatory learning' which is counter productive. On the other hand, they learn using of mobile phones and PCs faster than adults because there is no obligatory learning and this learning stands on understanding which is the right approach to comprehension. The same faculty of understanding must be strengthened by clearly learning the items of interacive equations, mathematical derivations and bio-processes all of which obey laws of nature.

Memory is a natural faculty that can retain enormous volume of information if trained in the proper way. The properway involves understanding every word or step for its contextual relevance. If these are initiated in the childhood [without threatening] the mind turns highly receptive and profusely productive in the later days. This also ezplains why some 'average' students blossom into high profile successes later. Success at any level should never be measured by the marks scored. Success honestly pertains to functional efficacy and not the academic supremacy often erroneously ascibed to % of marks. Memory can be trained or cultivated without burdening it with words not understood.

Warm regards Prof.K.Raman Madurai
Prof. K. Raman
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Baskar CS

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

dear prof

where thought is an emery sheet
life is full of memory feat
memory is a mosquito
more you kill more they breed
and more you feed( to mind)
as they grow like like a weed
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