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PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:35 am    Post subject: NENJAM MARAPPADHILLAI - DIALOGUE Reply with quote

Dear Friends,
Keeping the slot [Cinematography and BGM ] for Mr.Ram, I try to proceed with other aspects, without hindrance to any one who wishes to take-up other components.
As is common in his movies, this time also CVS has done the dialogue for the movie, of course ably supported by Mr.Gopu. This is one of the rare movies where the Director has controlled the quantum of Dialogue to the essential minimum as the treatment hinges on visual supports of flash backs. On and off, the title song "Nenjam Marappadhillai" is suggestively played by the prelude piece Aa aaaaaaa aa aa aaaaaa aaa aaaAa aA aA with some string support as the prelude closes. Quite some impact is created by this technique As such moments are strewn over the whole movie, the conversation is quickly wound up to sustain the flash back musical tempo.
Without repeating the dilogues delivered at various points in the movie, it is sufficient if we recognize the key features of dialogue that signify the screen play.
As is well known, crisp pieces of interaction carry the story and the viewers. Yet, special care has been bestowed on the utterances in the different periods of time - the previous birth and the present one.
Even then, the components of dialogue in the previous birth are only made grammatical but not to lung-breaking volume in content or sound.
Those of the present birth are just down to earth. In fact the local person- the classmate of the visitor does not accept the suggestions of the friend to visit the haunted mansion and systematically refuses the attempt. Even claims of Nostalgia by KalyaNa kimar about the place are dismissed as his memory to some stories he might have read. This counter- point strategy creates greater tempo in the audience further. To add to it the local friend issues a threat-like warning saying " if something happens to you, who wil answer your parents? You better get back to your place".
Two simple lines of the dialogue planted in different occasions on the story operate as story message to the concept of Nostalgia in Rebirth.
Kalyanakumar in an argument with his father tells him 'you may destroy the lovers , but you can never destroy love.'
On another moment the fury-laden villain Nambiar declares in vow " I will not hesitate to destroy [kill] her [Devika] in any number of generations"
These 2 statements hold the entire story mostly delivered in visuals. Perhaps, the concept of Comedy track as a separate thread in a movie started from this movie as it appears to me now. Almost all utterances between Nagesh and Manorama are suffixed with a special additive 'garaen" just to make it comic.
Nagesh: 'Vaa'ngaraen
Manorama: 'Yaen' garAEn
NAGESH: 'ukkaru'ngaraen. Though very ordinary, turns comic by the sheer timing that can not be described.
By the movie trends then, NM had the minimum volume of dialogue and in most scenes only 2 characters converse and at best the third character if any is just an on-looker- a strategy of Economy in words and budget.
Our friends may please add their responses .
Warm regards Prof.K.Raman Madurai.
Prof. K. Raman
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