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PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:54 pm    Post subject: NENJIRUKKUM VARAI - Dialogues Reply with quote

Dear Friends,
It took quite some time for me to formulate my ideas on the movie as I had to view the movie a couple of times ,since I could perceive a totally different dimension in my understanding of the movie. The different dimension that I refer to here pertains to what I had gathered earlier in my student days as against what I am able to see now. Two things assume value - one's age and 2 the influence that we gain from later movies with passage of time. Even granting that the effect is cumulative, the movie stands in a class of its own. There are indeed stamps of Chitraalaya class at many junctures. What stays in my mind from the revisit perception of mine is THE ABJECT SIMPLICITY OF DIALOGUE and AN ELEMENT OF OBVIOUS PRECISION IN ASSEMBLAGE OF WORDS and THEIR DELIVERY. Despite my familiarity to CVS's styles of handling themes , technicians and artistes, I find a clear 'ahead of times' rendition in every aspect.
Features that stand out:
If we carefully observe , it is quite revealing that most of the time the artistes choose to speak in a volume that conveys their need to be submissive , as the story projects them as 'have nots' coming together and trying to meet ends while still adhering to principles of honesty and dignity of labour.
Even as 'love' blossoms among the girl and man , the exchanges are in exceptionally superior monosyllables. Both parties stay on the line of mutual respect in addressing . discussing the prospect of future and so on.

Misunderstanding leading to suspicion among members has been used as a turning point in the movie. The point spreads as divergence and every moment the dialogue does stay on brevity even if to convey a heavy emotion.
At many places just a couple of words are given out as responses. This strategy by itself adds to the impact as the short pieces are quite sharp and penetrative. Now let us consider those points that amplify the value by the sheer timely delivery.

All utterances should be viewed in the light of the poverty of the entire group. The house owner [VSRaghavan ] always refers to the tenants as 'Thadippasanga' since they drag on without paying the rent Quite a philosophic undercurrent pervades the movie as too often the characters face the harsh realities of life.
When VGopalakrishnan falls sick with chest pain and anguish, Sivaji cosoles saying "Bandham paasam, uNarchigaLai sumandhukkittu niraiya paer vazharaanga"
When all friends starve for food Sivaji says"uNavu, udai, irukka idam soththu, sugam idhai ellam illama seidha kadavuL Periya mansu paNNI , pasiyai mattum niraiya koduthirukkan"Avanai oNNum sollakkoodaadhu, He is great'- a deeply wounded soul lamentation.

KRV: Enga
MR : Yennanga
KRV : ThuNaikku vareengaLa?
MR: ThuNaikka ??
Krv requests escort as she fears eve-teasing from bad elements.

On another occasion KRV elicits MR's views on her
KRV : Ennapaththi enna ninakkareenga
MR ; Nallava
MR: axhagaanava

When Sivaji mistakes Muthuraman for his "love" towards KRV[ as Sivaji was in unilateral love with KRV] HE MANHANDLES HIM. BUT WHEN HE LEARNS THE TRUTH FROM KRV, he repents saying "nalla eNNangaLoda vazha ninakkiran kooda sila sandharppangaLLa romba keezhththarama nadabthukkaraan"
When KRV and MR get deeply involved another simple dialogue.
KRV :Neenga pollaadhavanga
MR: mm
KRV: Em manasila evvaLavu periya maatrathttha undupaNNitteeenga/.

Later VSR on the verge of death gets Sivaji's commitment to have KRV married to some good person and also cosign his [VSR's ] mortal remains to fire ; [nee than enakku koLLi podaNum] where upon Suvaji emotionally sobs "APPA" .
Soon after, Sivaji cosoles KRV and self saying "Gambiramaa vazharadhu perisilla, aana Appava pola ellaralum Gambeeramaa saaga mudiyadhu".
At a later point when MR is through agony, his mew-found lady companion suggests "Neenga ninaicha santhoshaththa vilakku vaangalam"
MR : santhoshaththa vadagaikku kooda vaangalam.

Likewise,even all sequences of heated exchanges between Sivaji and MR are also through minimum dialogues done in simple words. But, the impact generated while viewing is quite heavy because of two major factors.
1. Low crisp delivery of words
2. Immaculate timing while giving the right thrust to words.

This way dialogues in NENJIRUKKUM VARAI have a typical dimension outclassing CVS's own brilliance in this domain of presentation of a movie.
To Continue

Warm regards Prof.K.Raman Madurai
Prof. K. Raman
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Professor,

I'm very closely following your series on Nenjirukkum Varai. It is magnificient! It is really great to read about the movie from different dimensions..

Eager to read about "Music" & "Direction" of this movie epic!

Please continue..

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