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Maalai pozudhin mayakathile - Bagyalakshmi

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 5:14 pm    Post subject: Maalai pozudhin mayakathile - Bagyalakshmi Reply with quote

Amongst infinite number of melodies composed by the great duo MSV-TKR, I find this MALAI POZUDHIN MAYAKATHILE extraordinary & beyond one’s imagination.

A soul stirring tune , orchestration, precise selection of instruments in tune with the situation called for !

The song features in Gemini Ganesan / Sowcar Janaki / E.V.Saroja starred BAGYALAKSHMI , another interesting movie of the early 60s.

It’s the tale of a child widow ( who doesn’t know that her husband is actually alive then ) SJ who incidentally stays with her friend EVS whose lover and latter day husband will be GG. The story revolves around the 3 & the plot thickens when SJ comes to know that her childhood husband is still alive.

Its really a pathetic situation for a YOUNG WIDOW , what trauma she has to undergo in life while parallelly her friend EVS will be well settled down in life with a loving / caring husband and child.

So, one fine day when EVS requests SJ to sing a song while she will be playing the Veena , being watched by hubby GG very casually and enjoying every bit of the song .

Given the situation, Kavignar steps in with some MIND BLOWING words , outstandingly orchestrated by the duo .

Sensing the situation , the duo start with a soothing violin & veena with a small pause .


From now, I request you all to view the song & observe the lyrics from the view point of SJ and her predicament so that you all will realize the greatness of the song ! Understanding the mood of the song & the situation is paramount for a music follower to follow the song .

Manadhil irundhum varthaigal illai karanam en thozi …..karanam en thozi

Inbam sila naal …thunbam sila naal…endravar yaar thozi….
Inbam kanavil….thunbam edhiril…kaanbadhu en thozi

As the song moves to the first charanam, the veena flow continues in a scintillating way in flow with the mood of the song before the violin takes it forward ……

Manamdipavar pol aruginile or vadivu kanden thozi
Mangayil kayyil kungumam thandhaar …maalayitaar thozi

At this point, from nowhere a shehnai steps with a delicate touch !

Vazimarandheno vandhavar nenjil saindhuviten thozi
Avar …maraven maraven endraar udane marandhu vitaar thozi

When the song gets into the second charanam, there will be some nice exchanges between violin & veena before the shehnai guy once again penetrates the 2 with a touch of pathos !

Kanavil vandhavar yaar ena ketten ….kanavar endraaar thozi
Kanavar endaal avar …kanavu mudindhadhum ..pirindhadhu en thozi

Once again the shehnai intervenes & pours his sympathies to SJ !

Ilamai ellam verum kanavu mayam idhil…maraindhadhu sila kaalam
Thelivum ariyaadhu mudivum theriyaadhu …mayangudhu edhir kalam

What a lyric !!!!!!!

An amazing tune & orchestration ……..

Throughout the song, a mild mirudhangam support will add colour

It will appear as if even the instruments sympathize with the situation / plight of SJ !

Because , there will be no loud music or noise but a gentle flow that runs through like a pleasant breeze !

The song ends in a nice manner with EVS signing off with a veena piece ………

IMHO, this song goes beyond the situation, the movie , the period then…. The highly dampening Shehnai , the veena & the mirudhangam & the moody violin all take us to a different world

Hats off to P.Susheela for having sung in absolutely serious manner ,having thoroughly understood the mood of the singer SJ. Excellent rendition clearly exhibiting a sorrowful / sobre mood

And what a variation from the duo ! ………….. when PS sings Vadivukanden thozi. , she goes to mid range…..and immediately comes back to normal mode through ….. Mangayin kayill kungumam thandhaar !

And on a high pitch mode during…. Vazi marandheno…vandhavar nenjil ………
Once again back to base through….. avar maraven maraven……….marandhuvitaar thozi !!

And the repeating of the last 2 words of charanam is another fine bit of improvisation….an add on to the song to add more pathos

MSV is a master of the usage of Shehnai

Class personified !!!!!

Probably, this was the pattern / song structuring he did those days- the first sentences of charanam in mid range …the third one to shoot in high pitch & the 4th one to come back to normal scale and seamlessly go back to the pallavi

And the 2 master composers – what an amazing tune, the ludes, the orchestration arrangement …….. out of the world ……… It’s a clear reflection how closely they had followed the song requirement, the situation, the mood of the character & how the song will play in the movie ! The duo once again, have done their homework well !

When I am meet Mellisai Mannar one day, the first question I will pose is about this song only

The 3 main characters to the movie also play their part to perfection, each one displaying their role in a nice manner .

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P. Sankar
The Ardent

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 7:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh! Mr.Balaji, What a nice analysis! No doubt, why Illayaraja rates this song very very high in his mind. It is because as you have rightly analysed this song is a classical example of blending of orchestration, voice and lyric. One need not have to see the song, but just by listening to the song, one can go with the mood of the song in the film. Wonderful analysis.

P. Sankar.
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