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Kadavul maithuvaitha medai - A variety from MSV -

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 6:15 pm    Post subject: Kadavul maithuvaitha medai - A variety from MSV - Reply with quote

Mellisai Mannar’s era was at its peak in the early 70s which also saw the peak period of the great KB. It was a wonderful combination of KB, MSV , Ananthu ( KB’s right hand and Kamal’s mentor ) , Kavignar , B.Loganathan ( camera ) …..

AVAL ORU THODAR KATHAI…. one of the mid 70 movies which was spoken and debated at length……..

KAVITHA , a working woman, shouldering the responsibility of a large dependant family members, a fit for nothing elder brother with his family comprising wife and 2 children , a widow sister, father deserting the family very early…taking up sanyas…..

Having come across tough situations very early in her life, the character becomes too hot for those who come across …one gets an impression that she is very haughty and arrogant…….to demonstrate her toughness, KB show various scenes in the initial part of the movie like throwing her drunken brother out of the house, teasing him at regular intervals only to provoke him on self consciousness and take up more responsibilities ……ridiculing her Father who appears briefly …….but she also had a kind and gentle heart like that of a flower

Again, when questioned about her sincerety by every member of the family, Kavitha throws the pass book of each individual member in the cental hall of the house explaining with a wry smile what she had been doing silently all these years….as she touches member by member, KB shows tears pouring out from everyone’s eyes and one’s heart feel heavy for the character….beautiful presentation by KB about the systematic way Kavitha had been preserving all her hard earned savings for the benefit of the family without leaving even a single penny for her…..

KB, in a nice manner, makes the character quite frequently exchange her thoughts with her lover ……share her family issues and her personal life and the challenges that she has to come across in day to day life while Vijayakumar, the lover will be caringly listening to her and will be an understanding guy……will be very sympathetic with her but he will be under pressure to get married and hence he will also apply pressure on the character Kavitha…. To convey a meaningful song in between and a relaxation for audience a beautiful melody once again from Mellisai Mannar …. KANNILAY ENNA UNDU KANGAL THAAN ARIYUM…..KALLILAY ERAM UNDU KANGALAA ARIYUM…. EN MANAM ENNA VENDRU ENNAI ANDRI YAARUKKU THERIYUM… a real beauty from SJ… Kavignar at his best when he writes….. NAAN KONDA NERUPPU ANAIKINDARA NERUPPU….YAAR ANAIPAARO …IRAIVANIN PORUPPU…..

Here MSV once again demonstrates his greatness by subtle usage of instruments to convey the softness in the character ….just listen to the song and you will appreciate the presence of mind of MSV is giving the apt interludes for the given situation….. all comes by experience

Like any other young woman, she also had likes and dislikes, but had to sacrifice all her personal life in the larger interests of the family……at one stage , she had to sacrifice her lover also in pursuit of getting her widow sister re-married ….it was an extraordinary gesture on her part….

Despite all the problems back home, she manages to tow the family ship and makes everyone settle down in life and in the process completely loses her personal life……

And ultimately continues to support the family …traveling again in the same old PTC bus which she used to earlier…….

KB’s penchant for inserting a SITUATION ORIENTED SONG is well known …..

Here comes another situation in this memorable movie wherein KAMAL ( a mini character who will be her neighbour and a specialist in mimicry ) sings one of the most memorable song of the mid 70s….

Its another arena for Mellisai Mannar to come good and he didn’t disappoint….he was class personified in the song …..KADAVUL AMAITHU VAITHA MEDAI INAIKKUM KALYANA MAALAI….
While another wedding takes place in her family, KB shows all the key characters in this song through mind boggling lyrics by Kavignar…..


Totally a different type of a song , a welcome deviation from routine songs……It’s a very interesting song with Kamal ( supported by Sadan ) doing mimicry in the wedding reception …

This song is a different variety from Mellisai Mannar again…..as he will bring the entire wild life to stage through mimicry…..at the same time keeping the situation intact !

As the song reaches the final stage, SPB sings the UNFORGETTABLE WORDS….

ORU KILI KAYYODU ORU KILI KAI SERTHU URAVUKKUL NUZAINDHADHAMAA – These words are to address Sripriya and Vijayakumar getting married

ULLASA VAAZKAYAY URAVUKKU KODUTHITA ORU KILI ODHUNGUDHAMAA – KB will show poor Sujatha , with a gentle smile and disappointment hidden inside, gradually moving away from the stage….

Kavignar makes us shed tears when he pens the final words…..



What a lovely character our KB had presented some 30 years ago !

Trumphet, flute, violin as usual are the ones used & another evergreen song had been composed !!

This song, along with DEIVAM THANDHA VEEDU – KJY ….were widely heard all through the year…

Mellisai Mannar was worshipped like anything for his splendid contribution to the success of the movie….even the re-recording was very effective …especially the climax scene when Jaiganesh gets ran over by the suburban train…..

KJY became a famous figure thanks to the song …Deivam thandha veedu…. Which followed Viziyay kadhai yezudhu from Urimai Kural ( again its MSV only )…followed by Adhisaya raagam from Apoorva rangangal….

KJY firmly established his place through the above 3 splendid composition from Mellisai Mannar….

There is another song...Adi ennadi ulagam...its typical LRE special

One of the top albums of MSV during the mid 70s.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 8:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent Balaji!!! This thoroughly enlightens anyone!

As you rightly mentioned the climax re-recording piece by MSV, when Jayganesh runs, will be amazing! MSV Gopi mentioned this when we were talking in MSV's house once.

Unable wait for your next write-up!
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 1:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mr. S.Balaji

Thanks for your very good analysis about aval oru thodargathai.

all songs are good. balachander and viswanathan gave us a good treat.

you have wonderful writing capability. i appreciate it and please come with more and more.
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