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PostPosted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:07 am    Post subject: NENJAM MARAPPADHILLAI - DIRECTOR - Some aspects Reply with quote


Dear Friends,
It is too well known to our friends about my perceptions of Director CV SRIDAR. It is not my intention to eulogise CVS. Still, in the movie under discussion, I am able to notice quite a few pieces of valid approach to movie direction. Certainly, this movie [NM] is not the usual love triangle, though it had the underscore for love [no triangle this time]. By the very pattern of incidents, the story looks at human emotion as a powerful tool that manges a carry forward into next generation through individuals not related. THE STRONGEST MESSAGE OF THE STORY IS THE POWER OF MENTAL VIBRATION ; INDOMITABLE WILL ACCRUES IF THE DESIRE FOR SOMETHING IS HONEST. Whether or not the movie makers looked events from this perception, definitely it abides by reason to consider that human emotions are vibrations which connect people by deep impacts not discernible for public gaze. [ Look at how MSV had impacted all of us long before we ever met him and the unanimity with which he is respected though some of us are impoverished by lack of knowledge about music of any form]
Now to the role of the Director in this movie.
To be of clear value to a movie is an asset that any movie should be blessed with, in the form of a Director. This movie has it in ample measure. But, what should not miss our attention is the fact of the story being someone else's creation the Director needs to device precise plot of absorbingpresentation . It is here that Directors may inadvertently launch cinematic gimmicks and defend it as a means of sensation in story telling.
CVS has kept off such temptations and does not do any gimmick of announcing his presence. [ He seems to have imbibed the unobtrusive presentation of Alfred Hitchcock- a doyen of horror movies, for NM]
The altercation - verbal between father [MN N ] and son [KalyaNakumar]
over the father's decision to marry another girl to fill the gap from the death of the first wife -the mother of KalyaNakimar, politely suggests the rift in ideology- a brilliant Directorial approach through monosyllable replies from the son and his refusal to offer submissive 'praNaam' to the 'new-found' step mother. This is the occasion that strengthens the story and lays the foundation for ego-building and Ego-blasting efforts respectively of the father and son. From then on the Director quickly builds tempo by a sequence of events planning to deprive the bond of love by getting Devika married to an employee of the zamin. All the scenes are neatly executed. The entire steps are narrated by articulate camera work and BGM. CVS has not done any shot using unnecessary conversation, except a few words essential as response. The story holding utterance came from Nambiar proclaiming to destroy Devika in any number of her incarnations. Precise lighting by Vincent -Sundaram has to be acknowledged since in all movies Directors and cinematographers opt for contrasty lighting as a technique of suggestion of horror. Except one there are none of this kind. Instead, subdued lighting of a soft nature is what CVS has settled for as a 'new way' of approaching a suspense thriller. Another important style relates to the use of horses-based transport befitting the era of zamindary system of life. Enormous care has gone into the movie to avoid electrical fittings in all flashback scenes of the past. The end of the movie had to end Nambiar as he was the one sustaining the hatred over decades despite his deprivartion of health, stability and his empire as a zamindar. The manner the song sequences have been utilized to give the correct thrust to the event deserves acknowledgement.
In short CVS, has made use of the movie to prove that he works for any theme in the audio-visual medium without appearing to artificially making noise as a Director. Kindly see the movie to recognize my perception of CVS.
So, friends kindly add your view points to this movie.

Warm regards Prof.K.Raman Madurai.
Prof. K. Raman
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