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Nenjam marappadhillai --The Story

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 8:25 pm    Post subject: Nenjam marappadhillai --The Story Reply with quote


Dear Friends,
The story for this movie is credited to one Mr.Kasi and is based on the occurrence of 'carrying forward' memory in subsequent incarnation [or rebirth ]. The story is developed from the instances in UP, KERALA and Bengal as reported in press in late 50s in India. In summary the undercurrent of the story could be called "deep etched memory' of 3 characters - a father, his son and his fiancee.
A college student who accompanies his classmate during a vacation to the latter's village feels faintly nostalgic and even as he enters the village talks of his familiarity to the place and even narrates of a pond, a mantap and other such landmarks. His friend dismisses it as a mere recalling of some stories he might have read. However , the hero sustains that he has a very strong faith of what he says. At the friend's house, the stranger notices a girl held in custody on the surmise of her being mentally disturbed after she went to some place[ the dilapidated structure earlier claimed to be a land mark by the visitor classmate]. The local man dissuades the visitor from trying to visit the haunted building, on the fear that untoward things may happen to the visitor, The visitor gripped by his murky nostalgia dares visiting the place and comes across pieces of paintings that take him deep down the memory lane, including his girl friend and his deep love to her. Much of the movie is presented in flash back. At this juncture, the visitor insists that they take the 'disturbed' sister to the dilapidated mansion. On visiting the place she finds something of a deep horror and swoons. But, still visitor believes that the girl could be relieved of her disturbance by trying to unravel her nostalgia. By persistent efforts of the visitor, the girl comes to the place and realises that she was the daughter of the village headman in the jurisdiction of a zamin and unknowing the high profile of her lover falls in love with him who was the junior Zamindar. The Sr Zmindar hatches a plot to suppress this by forcibly marrying her to another low paid employee of the Zamin. However her lover foils this by lifting her away at the right moment in a horse-drawn cart and vanishes. The senior zamindar cruel in his desires and decisions, gives a hot chase in a chariot like vehicle and reaches the escaping couple. He opens fire on the girl and wipes her off. As per a later narration, the loverboy, the younger zamindar dies of agony in losing his fiancee]. Both the visitor and the disturbed girl recognize that they were the lovers in their previous birth too. One day the visitor finds a thatched dwelling in the vicinity of the old mansion and encounters a grand old man of 103 yrs there. From him he understands that the junior zamindar died soon. The senior zamindar[ living at 103] with full of hatred and cruelty spots the visitor and the girl together and quickly hatches a plot as he finds that the dead pair is again united in a new birth. The old man cheats the girl saying that the visitor is fighting for life as has been bitten by snake and takes her through a casuarina grove and unearths the gun he has buried with a vow to wipe the girl in any number of generations. The panic-stricken girl is helpless standing before the wicked old man ready to pump bullets into her. Meanwhile, the two classmates running in search of the girl arrive on time and intervene and plead him not to open fire. The old man with his deep hatred declares that he would not leave her alive. The brave visitor intervenes and approaches the oldman who is the sr.zamindar clinging on to life only to wipe the girl. The advancing young man makes the oldman move back in receding and he suddenly drops into quick sand and is gobbled up. The oldie with etched hatred , and the youngsters also etched with deep mutual affection form the story of rebirth in this movie titled Nenjam marappadhillai.
Warm regards Prof.K.Raman Madurai.
Prof. K. Raman
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