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MSViars Meeting (Sathsangam) at BANGALORE

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Joined: 16 Nov 2008
Posts: 920
Location: CHENNAI

PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2010 6:27 pm    Post subject: MSViars Meeting (Sathsangam) at BANGALORE Reply with quote

Dear Friends,
I had been to Bangalore recently. On 9th Sunday there was a meeting (sathsangam) of all MSViars at Mr. Sridhar’s residence. It was an excellent meeting organized by Mr. Sridhar where I could meet many new friends. The meeting was attended by

Mr. Sridhar his wife Mrs.Shanthi and his daughter Megana (his son Mr. Shreyas, who is also a fan of MSV could not participate due to his semester exams.

Mr. S. Sivasubramanian. (Another MSV’s ‘Theeviravathi’)

Mr. Subramaniam (Who had to travel for 2 hours from one end of Bangalore )

Mr. S V Srinivasan (His article has appeared in our book but his address has been wrongly mentioned as Chennai instead of Bangalore.)

Mr. Venkat his wife Mrs. Priya and daughter Keerthana(Mr. Sridhar is a table player. In fact he brought many timing instruments like kapas, triangle bell etc and played while we sang and played many songs. His wife is a light music singer and it was nice to see her bring her lyrics dairy and sung without leaving the lyrics )

Mr. Ramesh and his wife Mrs. Abhirami.

Mr. Hari and his wife Mrs. Raji.

Mr. Krishna and his wife Mrs. Vina.

Mr. Srikumar who happened to be in Bangalore for his vocation.

Myself, My wife Mrs. Malathi and my daughter Lakshmi.

The meeting started at 4.15 pm and ended at 9.30 pm. It could have continued for more time but for my return journey at 10.45 pm.

Many of the people who participated the meeting appreciated that such meeting should occur regularly and many of them wanted to host such kind of meeting.

The highlight of the meeting was that 3 young MSV’s fans attended with much attention and curiosity. Meghana (Daughter of Mr. Sridhar who hosted the meet) played MSV songs ‘adho andha paravai pola’, ‘Paartha Gnayabagam illlaiyo’ and ‘Naalai indha velai paarthu’ in the keyboard.

Lakshmi played ‘Chittu kuruvi mutham koduthu’ and ‘indru vandha indha mayakkam’ in the keyboard.

The other young fan Keerthana, daughter of Mr. Venkat did not play but knows to play keyboard and guitar on her own. I got a phone from Mr. Sridhar who said she tried some of MSV’songs based on the tips given by me and said she could play and understand some new things in his composing style.

I played many songs and explained the nuances in MSV’s composition.

Mr. Sivasubramanian played many BGMs orally and it is amazing to see how he remembers many of them. Mr. Siva is the second person after our Mr. Vaidy who literally used the word Rhythm king for MSV. Siva explained many of the rhythm nuances like ‘avalukkennna azhagiya mugam’ ‘paaduvor paadinaal’ etc.

We all sang the song ‘Kan pona pokkile’ to gether.

One of the greatest piece of information we got was that Mr. V. V. Subramaniam said he watched from composition to recording of the song ‘Netruvarai nee yaaroo’. It is also amazing to know that he is a witness to the song ‘raajavin paarvai raniyin pakkam’ from composition to recording.

Many of the other participants were very eagerly participating and enjoying the evening.

My special request to Mr. Sridhar is to ensure that all these people should enroll themselves in msvtimes for us to have their database.

The other special request to Mr.V. V. Subramnaiam is to share his experiences about the composition of the song he witnessed by writing in the site.

Finally thanks to Mr. Sridhar and his family who hosted this satsangam and offered us the brilliant dinner.

I take this opportunity to invite all the Bangalore MSV iars to come to Chennai for our next light music programme.


N Y Murali
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Joined: 15 Jan 2007
Posts: 704
Location: Chennai

PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2010 9:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Murali,

It is nice to know that the satsangham was attended by so many people. As you have indicated, most of them do not seem to have joined the forum. It is clear that there are hundreds of thousands of silent admirers of the legend in various parts of the world.

On 9th evening (when the satsangham was going on in Bangalore), I received a call from one Mr. Viswanathan of Pune. Since I mention my cell number in my signature, he has called me and shared his admiration for MSV. He said that there was some technical problem when he tried to join the forum.
I think we can look forward to a lot of enthusiastic participation from more fans in the future, though as of now, there is a lull in the forum.

Pl accept my compliments for using some of your time in Bangalore to meet the enthusiasts at Bangalore in pursuance of your mission to spread the glory of MSV.
P Rengaswami (9381409380)
MSV, Un isai kettaal puvi asainthaadum, idhu iraivan arul aagum.
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Joined: 18 Jul 2007
Posts: 15

PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2010 10:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Friends,

What a memorable evening it turned out to be. It was one of the happiest events in our lives.

At the outset I want to thank Mr. Murali for readily accepting my invitation to conduct the Satsang at my house at Bangalore.

Also I woluld like to thank Mr. Ramki, Mr. Sabesan, Mr. Vaidy & Mr. Vatsan for encouraging me to organise this memorable event.

My family was thrilled to meet Mr. Murali & his family. Among those present were Mr. Sivasubramanian, who conducted Padha Poojai for Mellisai Mannar recently at Rameswaram and Mr. S. V. Srinivasan, DGM of Deccan Herald, a Great fan of MSV. Mr. Srikumar came all the way from Chennai.

I wish to thank all who accepted our invitation & participated in the event.

Mr. Murali explained in a beautiful way the nuances of Mellissai Mannar's
great compostions. All of us were astounded by the wealth of Mr. Murali's knowledge of music in & Mellisai Mannar's compositons in particular.
Mr. Murali played the keyboard beautifully to explain to us the nuances of MSV's compositions.

Mr. Murali played several great songs which included "Thoothu Sella", "Anbe Vaa", "Chittu Kuruvi", "Yaar Andha Nilavu", " Orr Aayiram",
"Kann pona Pokkile" etc. It was a lively interaction amongst us.

My wife & children were pleasantly surprised to find that there such passionate fans of MSV. All my family members are great fans of MSV. My 11 year old daughter Meghna has been listening to his music since birth. (Last year she forced me to take her to meet the Great Maestro. What a happy occasion it was for all of us). She started learning keyboard recently. She has learnt a few songs.

All those present expressed their happiness in participating in this memorable Satsang & expressed their desire to have more such meets.
Keerthana, daughter of Mr. Venkat, a child prodigy who has learnt music on her own, has expressed that she has now realised the greatness of MSV & has vowed to study his Music in depth.

I wish to inform members that I shall conduct more Satsangs in future & request members to participate. I also request members to contact me whenever they are in Bangalore.

The Greatness of Mellisai Mannar's music is that it has given us such great & true friends like Mr. Ramki, Mr. Murali, Mr. Siva, Mr. Srinivasan, Mr. Sabesan, Mr. Vaidy, Mr. Vatsan, Mr. Srikumar & others.

I request members to plan a trip to Bangalore & I shall organise the same.

With Best Wishes,

Sridhar M G

( Phone no. 09986561994, 080-26689061)
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Joined: 17 May 2007
Posts: 1532

PostPosted: Tue May 18, 2010 6:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Sridhar,
It's very heartening to read your post and know your hospitality. Mr. Murali was all the praise on your gesture, the time they spent with you, the compositions of Mellisai Mannar they shared with you, all. I felt as if I were there. In fact almost all my relatives are put up at Bengaluru and I have hardly visited Bengaluru. Now that you are there I have made up my mind that my visit has been put up on hold, may be to meet MSVians like you.
Pls do inform us of any programme and we shall try to make it without fail. Similarly Sabesan and myself are in the process of arranging the programme mentioned elsewhere and shall shortly let you all know the details. Pls come and share your views, suggestions and explore the greatness of Mellisai Mannar.

Thank you for the opportunity

Regards to all

Visit my website for Viswanthan-Ramamurthi
My blogs:
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Joined: 18 Dec 2006
Posts: 418
Location: Chennai

PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2010 8:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear MSVians,

I sicnerely look at this event as the birth of MSVTIMES.COM's - BANGALORE CHAPTER !

I thank Sridhar and Family for taking up this initiative to invitel Murali and Family all the way from Chennai to Bangalore to 'inaugurate' the first Satsang of MSVTIMES.COM's Bangalore Chapter. It was nice that Srikumar family could also make it for the Satsang !

Sridhar personally invited many friends here at Chennai including self, but unfortunately I could not make because of pre occupations.

It was great to know that Siva, who is a devotee of Sri MSV was also part of the Satsang ! MSVians must be aware that Siva has performed Paadapooja for MSVs and made MSV part of Siva Temples he had built in Karnataka.

As SRS said rightly, the youngsters like those in the Bangalore Chapter should be the TorchBearers of MSV Music to carry it forward to the next generation without which the generations to come will just miss the Treasure - for ever !

I personally requested Prof Raman to pave way to form MSVTIMES.COM's MADURAI CHAPTER soon. Prof ! Are you there ?

The next Satsang at Bangaore , Sridhar, I will be first person to arrive, I promise.

MSV ye ! Un Isai Kettaal Puvi Asainthaadum, adhu Iraivan AruLaagum !

isaiyin innoru peyar thaan emmessvee.
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Joined: 18 Jul 2007
Posts: 15

PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 12:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Friends,

I am overwhelmed by the kind words of Mr. Ramki, Mr. Rangaswami, Mr. Shankar & Mr. Srikumar regarding the Satsang at Bangalore.

Thank you very much, Mr. Ramki, for considering this event as the birth of MSVTIMES.COM's Bangalore Chapter. I feel very proud about this.
Please let me know about your travel plans to Bangalore so that I can arrange the next Satsang.

My brother & sisters ( from Chennai & Coimbatore ) & other friends felt sorry for having missed this event. My sister & brother-in-law from Coimbatore, have expressed their wish to conduct similar event at Coimbatore. So Coimbatore Chapter is ready now.

Mellisai Mamannare, Nee Illadha Idamum Illai, Nee Thane Ulagin Ellai

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