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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:23 am    Post subject: NOSTALGIA -A TYPICAL HUMAN TRAIT Reply with quote

Dear Friends,

As a corollary to my earlier posting on 'Memory', it is logical to consider facets of another human attitude [trait] -'Nostalgia'. After all, nostalgia is a product of memory. Now, please consider what I had earlier suggested of memory [not to forcibly memorize information or lessons.] If we recognize the delight associated with Nostalgia, two things dominate our emotions .

1. How vividly we remember every component detail and are able to re-live those moments in a frictionless recall losing as many years of our age instantly energized by the sheer thought waves.
2.Did we ever imagine that 'that' experience would one day rejuvenate us by the sheer thought of it?

Another dimension associated with the process of all forms of Nostalgia is the absence of any obligation to 'remember' them. Non obligatory or casual happenings easily stay entrenched in us, unlike items of official obligation. That way 'Nostalgia' helps us to understand our own potential for 'memory'. IT RIGHT AWAY DIVES THE POINT HOME THAT EACH PERSON IS CAPABLE OF ABUNDANT MEMORY.

Casting our look at 'Nostalgia', a few other attributes deserve attention. Despite the non-obligatory nature of happenings, certain things fade off our memory while much older things get registered.
It is here that a component called 'emotion' comes into play. All items that had our emotional participation seep into our memory to be honourably later drawn out with the caption "Down the memory lane".

Talking of emotions, 2 types of them rule the prospect of 'Nostalgia'.
Joyous emotions and sorrowful ones. Both seem to have equal stakes for space in the memory archives of every individual.
Consequently, our willingness to share these items with others are not identical in the sense that we are happy to reveal or recall the joyous ones and would prefer to 'forget' the 'sorrowful' ones. At times we request the people around 'not to open the topic' because the 'nostalgia' to relive would prove itself unpleasant by the very thought.

An extension of this 'bad nostalgia' are the fangs of wound caused by utterances which in our perception are deeply unchivalrous besides being uncharitable and thus misplaced. Thus , most forms of nostalgia have some kind of emotional base, though our remembering them appears rather effortless and automatic.

Taking advantage of the emotion-based power of memory, one should try to develop some happy ambience for learning important 'subjects' of study or at least develop an 'associational memory' for such items. All our remembering of cine-songs squarely rest on the 'emotion' component.
Thus, 'Nostalgia' is always a growing element with a powerful influence of rejuvenation of the individual who re-lives those moments.

To the credit of 'Nostalgia', it must be politely pointed out that in a world of complex demands and harsh realities, one lives the present by drawing some solace and happiness from the by gone days through 'nostalgia'. So, past is not dead; it is distant but close to mind and heart which harbour hopes of survival.

Thanks for the opportunity.
Warm regards Prof.K.Raman Madurai.
Prof. K. Raman
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